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Lanzar HTG50EBT 4 Band Parametric Equalizer with Subwoofer Crossover & Bluetooth
Lanzar HTG50EBT 4 band parametric equalizer with subwoofer crossover and Bluetooth wireless audio connectivity. The HTG50EBT is covered by Lanzar's 15 Month manufacturer's limited warranty*. Lanzar HTG50EBT Features: 4 Band Parametric Equalizer Half Din Size 9 Volt RM..
$119.99 $64.99
Blitz BZX8 Electronic Crossover Bass Driver Network
Blitz BZX8 electronic crossover with high-performance bass driver network Product Features: Chrome Plated Chassis Acrylic Protective Cover Green Light Illumination Frequency Response: 20Hz-400Hz LED Power On Indicator LED Clipping Detector Inpu..
$119.99 $59.99
Lanzar HTGEPBT9 4 Band Parametric Equalizer with Bluetooth Connectivity
Lanzar HTGEPBT9 4 band parametric equalizer with Bluetooth wireless audio connectivity. The HTGEPBT9 is covered by Lanzar's 15 Month manufacturer's limited warranty*. Lanzar HTGEPBT9 Features: Half Din Size Pre-amp Line Aux Inputs Via RCA Jacks Input Gain Adjustments ..
$166.99 $79.99
Lanzar OPTIX6 Optidrive 3 Way Electronic Crossover
Lanzar OPTIX6 Optidrive three-way active electronic crossover The OPTIX6 is covered by Lanzar's 15 month limited warranty*. Lanzar OPTIX6 Optidrive Features: Front & Rear Channel High Pass Frequency Selector 32Hz to 800Hz Frequency Multiplier X1 or X10 ..
$122.99 $59.99
Lanzar OPTIX9 Optidrive Digital Bass Enhancer w/Remote Bass Boost
Lanzar OPTIX9 Optidrive digital bass enhancer with remote bass boost Lanzar OPTIX9 Optidrive Features: Max Bass Control Dash Mount Remote Control Bass Restoration Lighted Display PWM High Head Room Power Supply Frequency Response: 10Hz - 100KHz Bala..
$153.99 $69.99
Lanzar VIBE540P Vibe Half DIN In-Dash 5 Band Parametric Equalizer
Lanzar VIBE540P Vibe half DIN in-dash 5 band parametric equalizer Lanzar VIBE540P Features: Half Din Size Pre-amp Line Aux Inputs Via RCA Jacks Output Volume Control Sub Output Gain Control Input Gain Adjustments Frequency Gain Control 5 Band G..
$95.99 $55.99
Lanzar VIBEXE3 Vibe 3-Way Electronic Crossover/5 Band Equalizer
Lanzar VIBEXE3 Vibe half DIN in-dash 3-way electronic crossover with 5 band equalizer Lanzar VIBEXE3 Vibe Features: 50Hz - 6.5k Hz Fader Control Levels Subwoofer Level Controls Master Level Controls Peak LED Input Level Adjustment 3 Pre-Outs Fr..
$128.99 $59.99
Pyle PLE520P 5-Band Parametric Equalizer With Subwoofer Output
Pyle PLE520P 5-band rotary control parametric equalizer with high-quality pre-amp and sub woofer output Pyle PLE520P Features: RCA Pre-amp Line Aux Inputs 6 Channel RCA Outputs Half-din size Output Volume Control Input Gain Adjustments Sub Output ..
$113.99 $54.99
Pyramid 401EP In-Dash 6 Band Equalizer with Subwoofer Control
Pyramid 401EP in-dash 6 band parametric equalizer with sub woofer control Pyramid 401EP Features: Half Din Size Input Gain Adjustments Rotary Fader Volume Control 3.5mm DVD Input Jack DVD/AUX Input Selector Sub Band Equalizer Control Low/Mi..
$75.99 $44.99
Lanzar VBX2 Pair of Two-Way Passive Crossover Networks
Pair of Lanzar VBX2 two-way passive crossover networks Lanzar VBX2 Features: 2-Way Passive Crossover Network Pair 300 Watts Power Handling High Grade Components for Superior Sound Quality Gold Plated Connectors 12dB/Octave Slope Built-In Protection C..
$59.99 $34.99
Lanzar VIBE440PSU In Dash 4 Band Equalizer with SD & USB MP3 Reader
Lanzar's VIBE440PSU Vibe series half din-in dash 4 band rotary equalizer with SD & USB MP3 audio reader Lanzar’s VIBE-series reinvents the equalizer! This half-DIN, in-dash rotary equalizer doesn’t just provide four points of equalization – it also adds an SD card slot and USB port t..
$122.99 $59.99
Lanzar VIBE750S Vibe Half DIN In-Dash 7 Band Rotary Equalizer
Lanzar VIBE750S Vibe half din in-dash 7 band rotary equalizer Lanzar VIBE750S Features: Half Din Size Pre-amp Inputs Via Gold Plated RCA Jacks Master gain/Independent Band Control 6 Channel RCA Outputs 7 Band Graphic Equalizer 12dB Boost/Cut Su..
$135.99 $65.99
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